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twitter_rickwallRick Wall – CEO, Zonal Music Group

Rick Wall was born and raised in Cincinnati and has had a love of music his entire life. Since early childhood, Rick was involved with musicians and the music industry doing everything he could to support emerging artists in the greater Cincinnati area such as the Isley Brothers, Freddie King, Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, the McCoy’s, and Lonnie Mack.

Since moving to the Valley of the Sun in 1975, Rick has continued to support, nurture and inspire local, original singer-songwriters and bands; e.g., Kerry Jackson, Linda Cushma, Andy Kern, Marconias, Doug Williams, Rex Anderson, Major Lingo and the Krak Smokin’ Grannies.

Rick was the in-house talent buyer and booking agent for three, legendary Valley clubs—the Mason Jar, Chuy’s in Tempe, and the Sun Club—and brought to Arizona entertainment which included Albert King, 10,000 Maniacs and Nirvana.

Networking/connecting with people and acting as an events facilitator are just a few of Rick’s talents and specialties.

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